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Big 4 Interview Questions | Big 4 Interview Questions

Big 4 Interview Questions

So you’ve been called or a received an email to come into the office for an interview with either Deloitte, PWC, EY or KPMG. You’re nervous and don’t know what Big 4 interview questions to expect. Don’t freak out! Generally, the Big 4 interview questions are quite similar for people with limited working experience. The unexpected is not to be expected at these interviews generally. The usual is for them to ask:

A bit about your background (e.g. where you live, schools attended, working experience etc

Then it is onto the behavioral questions. This is the main part the real meat of the big 4 interview questions you will receive. Here you will need to refer to past experience to show off core competencies that the Big 4 accounting firms consider vital to succeeding in a role with them. At Breaking Big 4, we can show you the exact Big 4 interview questions you’ll be asked, and exactly what to answer with to display the expected competencies

Potentially some technical questions, but don’t expect them to be too difficult if you are a graduate with limited working experience.If you have working experience, you will likely be asked about this, it will therefore be very important to show knowledge of your previous positions, what you did and how you performed. Of course, show yourself off in the best light possible, and also describe challenges you had and how you performed in them.

Five of the top Big 4 interview questions you can expect to be asked include:

  1. Describe a situation where you were a member of a team. What did you do and how did you positively contribute?
  2. Why do you want to work for our firm?
  3. What do you think this particular job entails?
  4. Describe some of your strengths?
  5. Why should we hire you over someone else?

The above big 4 interview questions are merely a small number of the total number that can be thrown at you. At Breaking Big 4, we have over 100 questions that can be thrown at you, and large list of behavioral questions that always come up in Big 4 accounting interviews. We show you exactly how to structure your answer and give guidance on what to answer with to make sure you give yourself the best chance of getting that all elusive Big 4 job with either PWC, Deloitte, KPMG or EY.

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