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EY v Deloitte v KPMG v PWC | Big 4 Interview Questions

EY v Deloitte v KPMG v PWC

When it comes to audit and tax, in most major locations EY, Deloitte, KPMG and PWC are all quite similar. They generally all have Fortune 500 companies as their clients. However, when it comes to consulting or advisory, there can be somewhat of a differentiation in reputation in their respective regions.


If you have to choose between the EY, KPMG, Deloitte or PWC and it is for either the audit or tax departments, as mentioned, they are generally quite similar. They work on similar projects an all have a significant number of the Fortune 500 companies and will likely have other multinationals that have headquarters in your region. From a purely type of work related perspective, if you have an idea what kinds of clients you would like to work for, it may then be worth trying to find out which clients each of the big 4 has as you will have a higher chance of working on them. You can easily find out by asking questions to employers or people in your network working at either of these firms and also just by reading the annual reports of the companies you may be interested in working on. All annual reports will state the auditor of the company. Remember, just because a firm is the auditor, doe snot necessarily mean they also provide tax advice.

From the work/life perspective, the best way to choose is to try and get an idea of the culture and people at the offices and teams you are interested in. In some instances it can be different where some teams don’t work as many hours. But importantly, you have to work with these people for 50+ hours a week so try to pick the firm that has the people that you think you will get on with the most. Big 4’s have a lot of networking events that you can go along to, to meet some of the team and get to know them, so this should help. Additionally, reach out to your network and find other juniors who work in the various offices to find out more about the work place, people and culture.


Advisory is made up of several departments.

Consulting – when it comes to consulting, in terms of prestige and revenue Deloitte is the clear winner. They tend to be very highly regarded, and work on some fairly impressive projects. However, it can vary in some regions, so do your research on the partners and see what kind of backgrounds they come from

Corporate Finance/Transactions – Again, this is very dependent on the partners and the regions. Interestingly, in some regions (for example Singapore) Big 4’s such as PWC compete for deals with the investment banks and are therefore very highly regarded. We would suggest you have a look at the kinds of deals they are doing in your region that are in the news. This will give you an idea of the capability of the firm.

Also, as mentioned in the Audit & Tax section above, culture and people are so important, so be sure to take that into account.





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